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Tolkiens from Fischhausen, Kr. Pillau in 19th c.

Some Tolkiens in Danzig (Gdańsk) came from Fischhausen, district Pillau. Fischhausen was called Fyszhuza and Rybaki in Polish, and now in Russian Kaliningrad Oblast it is Primorsk, an important Russian military port. We cannot be sure but there is possibility that Christian Tolkien from Danzig, husband of Eufrisina and father of Daniel Gottlieb Tolkien and John Benjamin Tolkien from London had relatives in Fischhausen, Pillau or other East Prussian village where there is the nest of the Tolkien-related family names.

Johanne Caroline Tolkien, born c. 1826 and her father
Johann Gottfried Tolkien, born c. 1800

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