sobota, 17 grudnia 2016

Another Tolkien in Danzig!


I have found another Tolkien in Gdańsk (Danzig) who was born in Pillau, East Prussia (Polish Piława, Russian Baltijsk) and lived in Sopot (Zoppot) near Gdańsk (Danzig) He is Hermann Franz Tolkien, 24 (born 29 Jul 1867), son of a worker (abeiter) Franz Tolkien and Rosaline, née Kleist-Tolkien from Pillau

On 18 Jun 1892 in Danzig Hermann Franz Tolkien gets married Auguste Pauline Kasprzytzki from Katzendorf. Of course he is not (direct) relative of J.R.R Tolkien but this record shows general tendention – the Tolkien's nest is East Prussia, area of Königsberg (Królewiec) where we meet Tolkiens since 16th c.

Interesting is his religion. He is evengelischer.

It is maybe their daughter, Margarete Tolkien from Zoppot (Sopot), born 1899, a clerk using German, who is on the passenger list of SS "Lituania" which travels from Gdańsk to New York and arrives in New York 5 October 1926.

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