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Tolkiens from Gdańsk/Danzig: a short summary

Before I make further attempts in my #TolkienAncestry research, I need to make a short summary about my findings.

The Gdańsk church with the Tolkien family graves
I have found many Tolkiens from the period of 1697–1821 in Gdańsk. They seem to be members of the same small middle-class Gdańsk family with East Prussian ancestry: from Tołkiny/Tolksdorf village (14th-15th centuries) and then from the Königsberg district (16th-20th centuries). My theory about their family relations is based on the comparision of the genealogical records found on the Ancestry.co.uk and in the archives. Let us see how I see it:

Michael Tolkien I
(born c. 1670, f. 1697)
(Gdańsk citizen, lieutnant)
Michael Tolkien II
(Gdańsk citizen and master-furrier)
= Dorothea Tolkien, née Klinckerd
Christian Tolkien I
(c. 1727-1772)
= Euphrosina Tolkien (c. 1727-1783)
three sons:
(1) Daniel Gottlieb Tolkien (1747-1813)
(2) Johann Benjamin Tolkien (1753-1819)
(3) Christian Tolkien II (1762-1821)

Michael Tolkien's (II) youngest daughter was Constantia Dorothea Übelin (née Tolkien), wife of Andreas, Niklaus Übelin's son (Niklaus Übelin is mentioned in the furrier document from 1765)

Christian Tolkien's (II) wife was Anna Elisabeth née Freyberg. They had at least three daughters: Dorothea Elisabeth Pelikan (née Tolkien, 1784–1859), Euphrosina (born 1794) and Florentina Dorothea Tolkien (1798–1803).

Of course it is possible that the relations between these persons were different (for example Daniel, Johann and Christian can also be half-brothers or cousins; Michael II and Christian I can also be brothers and not father and son). But see the repetitions of the names Michael, Christian, Dorothea and Eufrosina!

Now I am waiting for the microfilms from South Lake City with the birth records from the church of St John, Gdańsk (Johanniskirche) where probably the Tolkien brothers were baptized! The research continues...

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