poniedziałek, 24 kwietnia 2017

Tomorrow I set out for Gdańsk!

A fragment of Buhse's map of Gdańsk

I have already bought the tickets. Tomorrow morning I will be to the Polish National Archives in Gdańsk to check the parish books from St Katharinenkirche where there should be hidden the Tolkiens I am looking for: Daniel Gottlieb Tolkien and Johann (John) Benjamin Tolkien, the brothers who migrated to London in c. 1772. The books with baptisms are not digitalized. You need to see the microfilms. The microfilms can be also booked via FamilySearch (the Mormons). I have done it too. They should wait for me in Wrocław one day (they say it takes some time to obtain the documents from the LDS.

Keep your fingers crossed!

And I promise to take many pictures and to visit many places. I plan to be to the archives, to St Catharine, St John, St Mary, Tagnetergaße, Kürschnergaße, Breitergaße etc. I will be also looking for the stone grave plates with the Tolkien family name...

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