środa, 19 kwietnia 2017

Tolkiens from Berlin? But born in East Prussia!

Source: ancestry.co.uk

In my research I have never met any Tolkiens from before 1800 who lived in Lower Saxony, Saxony or other parts of Germany save East Prussia and Hanseatic ports (like Danzig/Gdańsk or Lübeck). Let us look at the records of the Tolkiens from Berlin...

Year 1901, a marriage of August Gottfried Tolkien and Johanna Auguste Adersch. We can see that this Berliner Tolkien was born in 1869 in Kuikeim in East Prussia (today Bajewka, Kaliningrad). In all the documents I could find there are two main processes: (1) migration of the Tolkiens from East Prussia to the west, (2) change of the earliest form Tolkien into germanized form Tollkühn, Tolkiehn etc.

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