środa, 19 kwietnia 2017

Tolkiens from Danzig/Gdańsk. New discovery!

This document is a nice proof that the Tolkiens we met in Gdańsk/Danzig were in fact Tolkiens from East Prussia, from the area of Königsberg and Samland. This document tells about a Rosine Tolkien, but in my opinion it expresses the general tendention of the Tolkien family migrations: from East Prussia to Danzig/Gdańsk, Lübeck, Hamburg etc.

It is 18 February 1908 in Danzig/Gdańsk. Witnesses are: Pauline Tolkien, née Kasprzycki and ... Michaelis, née Tolkien. This is the death/funeral record of Rosine Tolkien, née Kleist (1836–1908) whose husband was Franz Tolkien. There are addresses, there is a lot of information. Can you help me to decipher this document?

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