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Euphrosina Tolkien (1727?-1783)
J.R.R. Tolkien's g-g-g-grandmother from Gdańsk found!

Eglerio! I have found Daniel Gottlieb's, Johann Benjamin's and Christian's mother! Euphrosina Tolkien is mentioned in the Act of Naturalization of Daniel Gottlieb Tolkien from 1794! Her grave number in St Katharinen is 48 (as in the Steinbuch I discovered few weeks ago).
1783 pages from the church book from St Katharinen
Euphrosina Tolkien died on 10 April 1783
We need your help in deciphering this inscription!

Euphrosina ("Euphrisina") Tolkien on the London
Act of Naturalization of Daniel Gottlieb Tolkien (1794)

As we have already known the place of Gdańsk Tolkien's graves is the church of St Katherinen (see here). I have recently found a list of graves of the Tolkien family, the so called Steinbuch ("Stonebook"). These stone-plates had numbers (37, 48 and 84), some of them were placed inside the church and some in the church's graveyard (we haven't been able so far to find them in the church which was much destroyed during the last war).

Last night (nights are most prolific in my research!) in the church books of St Katharinen I have found an act of funeral of Euphrosina Tolkien ("Tolckin", in the German feminine form "Tolckinin") who died in 1783 when her sons Daniel Gottlieb (1747-1813) and Johann Benjamin (1753-1819) lived already in London (first trace of the Tolkiens in London comes from 1777 when Johann/John Benjamin is married), and only the youngest son Christian (1762-1821) lived close to her in Gdańsk. I suppose that their father Christian (whose acts are unfortunately still not found in Gdańsk) died somewhere near 1770, the family must have had problems during the Prussian blockade of Gdańsk (which started in 1772 and lasted untill the second partition of Poland in 1793 when the Prussian administration of Gdańsk started), Daniel started his furrier apprenticeship to Michael Tolkien (their grandfather of uncle) and finally emmigrated with his younger brother Johann Benjamin to London (it could happen in c. 1772).

If Euphrosina gave birth to Daniel Gottlieb Tolkien in 1747 and to Christian Tolkien in 1762 she could be born in around 1727. If her husband Christian was born in around 1727 he could be Michael Tolkien's (1708-1795, master-furrier) son. 

All Gdańsk Tolkiens I have already found and the family tree I have tried to reconstruct can be found here.


Thanks to the help of my German friends I could decipher Euphrosina Tolkien's inscription:

"Ist Frau Euphrosina Tolckinin vom Dam(m) auf der liegen Bahr unter
den Bürger Stein No. 48
beigesetzt, vor die Erde u. Glocken – 5"

'There is Lady Euphrosina Tolckin from Damm [one of the streets in Gdańsk],
through placing the body-streacher under the citizen stone no. 48, [fee] for the earth and bells – 5'

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