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Tolkiens' graves by St Katharinen, Danzig!


I have probably found the relatives of Daniel Gottlieb Tolkien and Johann Benjamin Tolkien in one Gdańsk/Danzig parish! It is of course (see my earlier posts) St Catherine (Katharinenkirche) where the furrier master, Michael Tolkien was buried in 1795 (see here). I have found the Steinbuch ("Lapidarium") from c. 1815 (it is probably the index of the stone graves with the graves numbers and not the index of the death register as I thought earlier):

Mich[ael] Tolkin [Tolkien], no. 37 (master furrier who died in 1795?)

Frau Euph[rosina?] Tohlkin [Tolkien], no. 48 (Daniel Gottlieb's mother?)

tomb of the Tollkien family, no. 84 (it is possible that Christian Tolkien, Daniel and Johann's (?) father is buried here)

Florentina Dorothea Tolckin, no. 84

It would be wonderful to find the plan of the cemetery by St Katharinenkirche. At the moment I can show you how it looked in the Buhse's Map (1866):

Now it is unfortunately a street:

Three doors with nos. 1, 2, 3 on Buhse's Plan (1866) and the little house no. 11 on the same plan.
The car stands on the former cemetery where the Tolkien family graves were

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