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"The Old Tolkien"
Crispin Tolckyn (born 1596): father of Tolkien fathers

Konradswalde (today Russian Konstantinowka) in the parish Schönwalde, 37 km east from Königsberg, East Prussia. First known information on Konradswalde in 1315. In Konradswalde we find one of the first historical Tolkiens – Crispin Tolkien (in the 17th century spelling: Crispyn Tolckyn – find note on him here):

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If we compare the Tolkiens with the Tooks, Crispin Tolkien could be called the Great Tolkien, the father of fathers, the ancestor of many Tolkiens whom we meet near Königsberg from 16th to 20th centuries. He was merried two times. This is Crispin Tolkien and Dorothea née Holtz act of wedding from 6 January 1641:

Children of Crispin and Ortia Tolkien were: 1 daghter, 2 daughter, Jacob, 3 daughter, George, 3 son, Hans, Michael, Crispin, Dorothea and Leonhart. Children of Crispin and Dorothea Tolkien were: Christian, Catharina, Anna, Bartolomeus...

Olaus Magnus – wedding in the north

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