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Christian Tolkien (1762-1821), an antiquarian

I have something very very special for you! This evening I have found the funeral record of Christian Tollkühn from 16 April 1821, an antiquarian from Gdańsk. He must be the same person as Christian Tolkien mentioned as the owner of the antique book shops at 11 Tagnetergaße and 3 Klein Scharmachergaße in Gdańsk (see here and here). And again (see here) we can see the Germanization of the name: Tolkien (1817) > Tollkühn (1821).

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Christian Tollkühn (earlier Tolkien) according to this document was born in 1752 and died in 1821, aged 69. If so he must have been the brother of Daniel Gottlieb and Johann (John) Benjamin*, son of Christian Tolkien and Eufrisina mentioned in the Act of Naturalization of Daniel from 1794 (see here). Evidence? Christian's daughter present during the funeral in the main Lutheran church in Gdańsk (Danzig), St Mary Church (Marienkirche, Kościół Mariacki) is Euphrosina (b. 1801) – the same name (in a little bit different form) as the name of Daniel's mother. Christian Tollkühn's wife is Anna Elisabeth, née Freyberg. Do you remember Dorothea Elisabeth Pelican, née Tolkien? (see here). She is probably another daughter of Christian and Anna Elisabeth. Elisabeth after Elisabeth... Christian Tolkien was not only an antiquarian. He was also an official in the City Council who was responsible for street lighting in whole Lower Town.

Marienkirche, Kościół Mariacki, St Mary
Of course now it would be perfect to find the christening acts of Daniel Gottlieb, Christian and Johann Benjamin with the names of their parents. But it can be difficult – it can be even impossible. Why? Because I cannot see the acts from 1700s in the Gdańsk Archives. But let us not lose hope...!
* Daniel, Gottlieb, Johann and Benjamin are so popular names in the parish books from this period in Johanniskirche and Marienkirche!

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