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«Per crucem ad lucem»
David Tolkien Wotherspoon's coat-of-arms

Daniel Gottlieb Tolkien (b. 1746, Gdańsk, d. 1813, London) and his wife Ann, née Austen had ten children. One of their daughters was Maria whose husband was David Wotherspoon. The Wotherspoons were an English family with their coat-of-arms (in fact the Tolkiens were also the family with noble roots but in the 19th century they didn't remember about their coat-of-arms; see here). David Wotherspoon was a furrier like his father-in-low and he continued Daniel Tolkien's business at Cheapside, London. His first son, David Tolkien Wotherspoon was baptized in the Miles Lane Presbyterian chapel (the same religious community which was close to John Benjamin Tolkien, Daniel Gottlieb Tolkien's brother) and as a young man he emmigrated to Canada. About his family you can read below. And you can see his coat-of-arms (source: Armorial families: a directory of gentlemen of coat-armour, compiled and edited by Arthur Charles Fox-Davies, published 1905:

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