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Mabel Tolkien (Suffield) baptized in... 1891!

Big discovery!

Have you known that Mabel Tolkien was baptized in the Anglican Church as an adult in 1891 South Africa? And the witness of her baptism was Arthur Tolkien?

Source: FamilySearch
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Mabel Tolkien's religious life was quite complicated. She converted from Unitarian to Anglican Church in 1891 and from Anglican to Roman Catholic in 1900. Saying the truth I am not sure if Arthur was born in Baptist or rather Methodist Church. The first Tolkiens in England – Daniel and John Benjamin – were Methodists (who converted from Pietist Lutheranism). And the first Tolkien we can find in the documents, Matthias Tolk von Markelingerode from the fourteenth century was Roman Catholic in the Teutonic Knights State (the Tolkiens became Lutheran in the sixteenth century).

Her adult baptism took place at the Anglican Cathedral of St Andrew and St Michael in Bloemfontein, Orange State (South Africa) on 24 May 1891. As Wayne Hammond commented my post on The Tolkien Society Facebook boards:
The dreadful signature took some puzzling out, but it's "Wm. Crisp", i.e. William Crisp, who was then Archdeacon of the cathedral. The other baptisms on the page, of native servants, were performed by the Rev. Gabriel David, who was himself a native, the first of his people (Bechuana, i.e. Tswana) to take Holy Orders.
and earlier:
It's great to have this. Mabel and Arthur were married on 16 April 1891; she was baptized on 24 May, so not before the wedding. It may be that she became Anglican only because that was her husband's denomination, or so that both parents would be Anglican in advance of their child's baptism in the Anglican cathedral (Mabel was pregnant with Ronald by 24 May).
Now I wonder if Mabel Suffield was also baptized in the Unitarian Church and later in the Roman Catholic Church in England?

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