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George Tolkien (1784–1840)
– not George William!

I can see that an error is still present in the descriptions of George Tolkien (1784–1840). His name was George Tolkien and not George William Tolkien (like for instance in latest Scull & Hammond's Companion and Guide or at Tolkien Gateway)!

When George Tolkien was born on 20 October 1784 in London, his father, born in Gdańsk John Benjamin, was 32 and his mother, Mary, was 38. He married Eliza Lydia Murrell on 5 September 1805 in his hometown. They had 11 children in 27 years. He died on 1 June 1840 at the age of 56, and was buried on 7 June in London.

This is the act of George's baptism in the Savoy Lutheran Chapel from 7 November 1784. See the name George. And by the way you can see below the baptism of Daniel George, Daniel Gottlieb's son. I remind that the fathers, John Benjamin Tolkien and Daniel Gottlieb Tolkien were both brothers born in German-speaking Gdańsk in Poland:

And here George's wedding in 1805. See the name George, and not George William. George William Tolkien was George and Eliza Lydia's son! And by the way it would be nice to check if Richard Baynes from the next record was a relative of Pauline Baynes:

When George Tolkien, the Professor's great-grandfather with the roots in Polish Gdańsk died, he was buried on the cemetery of St George the Martyr, Queen Square, Camden (see his London address: 25 Bidborough Street, St Pancrace). And his name was still George and not George William. The books on the history of the Tolkien family should be corrected, please.

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  1. Your work on Tolkien ancestry is superb. Many thanks. A note on George Tolkien and a question if I may. A typo for Bi(a)borough, it is Bidborough. George was buried on the 7th June and died 1st (

    I have a query, I can identify 10 children:
    1. George William (1805-1877)
    2. John Benjamin (1807-1896)
    3. Eliza (1808-?)
    4. William Murrell (1810-1882)
    5. Henry (1815-1885)
    6. Mary (1821-?)
    7. Ann (1822-?)
    8. Septimus (1826-1912)
    9. Ellen Martha (1827-?)
    10. Alfred (1831-1904)

    Do you possibly have a source and/or names for the two I am missing?

    Again great work and thank you. I am really enjoying exploring your website.

  2. Thank you for your comment! The children I have identified are:

    George William Tolkien, 1805–1877

    John Benjamin Tolkien, 1807–1896

    Eliza Tolkien, 1808–1829

    William Murrell Tolkien, 1810–1882

    Mary Ann Tolkien, 1811–1864

    Henry Tolkien, 1814–1885

    Rosina Susanna Tolkien, 1819–1900

    Edward Tolkien, 1825–1911

    Ellen Martha Tolkien, 1825–1848

    Septimus Tolkien, 1826–1912

    Alfred John Tolkien, 1834–1867

    So, as you can see, I have a little bit different list :-)