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Tolck II, Tolkien (coat-of-arms)

I would like to remind you my study of the Tolkien family coat-of-arms (see here). Today I am more sure than ever that TOLCK II, TOLKIEN is the coat-of-arms of the ancestors of J.R.R. Tolkien who were a noble family in East Prussia in the sixteenth century (according to J. Siebmacher's Wappenbuch. Ausgestorbener Preussischer Adel, Vienna 1878):

Can you help me to describe it according to the art of blazoning? The shield is white, the figure is "Fassleiter" or barrel racks. A very Hobbit-like coat-of-arms, isn't it?

Of course the coat-of-arms of Tolck II., Tolkien is a variation of the older coat-of-arms Tolck I. and Marklingerode. Its oldest known form comes from the 14th century:

I have not found any legend connected with these barrel racks... (or fish teeth). And I want to remind that the family of Marklingerode came to Prussia from Harz in the 14th century, and Harz was part of... SAXONY in the 19th century!

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