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The first Tolk/Tolkien ever (1379)

I would love to see the original of this document: Geheimes Staatsarchiv Preußischer Kulturbesitz, XX. HA, OBA (Ordensbriefarchiv 1350-1399), signature: XX. HA, OBA, Nr. 00405 (Registratur-/Altsignatur: LV/a Nr. 18. - OBA 1, 176 - see here). Can you help me? 

Anno Domini 1379... The Venetians and Ottomans invade Constantinople, Dmitri Donskoy of Moscow raids Estonia, New College, Oxford is founded in England and Wisbech Grammar School is founded in the same kingdom. Times of Richard II (England), Louis I of Hungary (Poland and Hungary) and Grand Master of the Teutonic Order, Winrich von Kniprode in Prussia...
On February 2, 1379 (Purificationis Mariae) Komtur [Günther hrabia von Hohenstein] of Brandenburg [today Ushakovo, in Polish Pokarmin] prescribes the sons of "Matthias Tolcke von Merckelyngerode" – Clauko, Matthias and Berthold – 93 lans in the forest of Milemedien [or Milewegdien], close to the borders of the goods of the knight Dietrich Skomand by Schmodehnen, Schönau, Mehleden and Pasortlack together with the church-lan and the bigger and smaller law of court according to the Kulm law.
Dnia 2 lutego 1379 r. (dzień Ofiarowania Pańskiego, łac. Purificationis Mariae) Komtur Pokarmina [Günther hrabia von Hohenstein] zapisuje synom Matthiasa Tolka von Markelingerode ["Matthias Tolcke von Merckelyngerode"] – Claukowi, Matthiasowi i Bertholdowi – 93 łany w lesie Milemedien ["Milewegdien"], przy granicach włości rycerza Dietricha Skomanda przy Smodajnach (Schmodehnen), Schönau, Melejdach (Mehleden) i Pasortlack razem z łanem kościelnym i prawem dużego i małego sądu zgodnie z prawem chełmińskim.
According to von Mülverstedt, Clauko Tolk, Matthias' son could be father (or grandfather?) of Jacob Tolk (Tolkien) who is probably the ancestor (or relative) of the Tolkiens from this area – from Kreuzburg, Heiligenbeil and Globuhnen.

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