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Ann Tolkien, née Austen (1762-1828)

"Ann [Austen], the eldest daughter [of John and Catherine Austen who carried on business as a grocer in Smithfield) became the wife of Daniel Tolkein, fur merchant, of Cheapside, where the business was carried on by a descendant of the family named Cuthbertson. Mrs Tolkein survived her husband many years, and lived in Cambridge Terrace, Hoxton, where she died at an advanced age about the year 1827. She is remembered as a devoted and pious Christian, and a consistent Methodist. Her second son, Charles Tolkein, went to Canada, where, after his conversion, he became very useful in establishing Methodism; he died in 1833, aged forty-four years."
George J. Stevenson, City Chapel London And Its Associations, New York 1872, s. 409

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