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Daniel Tolkien's family grave by Wesley's Chapel, London

In his last will he wrote:
I desire that my body may be buried devoutly with as little expence as may be in my family grave in the burial ground of the [...] Chapel of City Road.
Daniel Gottlieb Tolkien born in Gdańsk in July 1746 died (of cancer?) on 26 May 1813 in his 67 year in his residence at Hoxton Square, London. His grave is situated on the back of the Wesley's Chapel at City Road, London (burial number 2574, undertaker: Murrell Skinner, St.Sepulchre). I have found its location thanks to the material published by Mr Ross Milbourne (Register of burials at Wesley's Chapel, book by George J. Stevenson on the historical, biographical and memorial aspects of Wesley's Chapel in London published in 1872, and plan of City Road Chapel and Graveyard from 1890).

Daniel Tolkien's grave and the grave of his family had few inscriptions (tombstone texts):
M. S. Henry, the son of Daniel and Ann [Tolkein sic.] Tolkien, died 14th November 1791, aged 5 months.
Also, Catherine Austen, grandmother of the above, died 21st April 1802, aged 68 years. An affectionate wife and sincere friend.

Also, Mr John Austen, husband of the above, died May 11, 1809, in his 63rd year.

Also, Mr Daniel [Tolkein sic] Tolkien, who departed this life May 26th, 1813, in his 67th year
J. Wesley's tomb
According to the data by Ross Milbourne Daniel Tolkien's family grave can be localized as follows (Tolkien's grave in the red area, John Wesley's grave the yellow circle):

Daniel Tolkien's grave does not exist any more. I show the area where it could be placed

My thanks to Ross Milbourne and his sister, Ruth, for their hard work and advice

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