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Crispin Tolkien (b. 1596) and Saint Crispin

The earliest Tolkien (not Tolkyn, not Tolkin, not Tollkühn etc. – but simply Tolkien like J.R.R. Tolkien) we know is Crispin Tolkien (1596 – c. 1660) from Konradswalde who had 16 children with two wifes, Ortia Neumann and Dorothea Holtz. In my theory he is the ancestror of the furriers and skinners family of the Tolkiens from Gdańsk (Danzig) and then from London. In my opinion it is possible that his son's (Georg Tolkien, born 1628 in Konradswalde) son, Michael Tolkien (born 1659 in Konradswalde) was the same person as lieutnant Michael Tolkien (fl. 1697 in Breiterkvartier, Gdańsk) who was probably the first Tolkien furrier in Gdańsk.

Saint Crispin and saint Crispinian
And something about Crispin. Saint Crispin is the patron saint of cobblers, curriers, glove makers, lace makers, lace workers, leather workers, saddle makers, saddlers, shoemakers, tanners and weavers (source: Wikipedia).

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