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Eleonora Renata Bergmann, née Tolkien (Tollkühn)

This discovery would be impossible without the help of Professor Adam Szarszewski. Professor, thank you!
Eleonora Renata Tolkien (Eleonore like Elanor, Renate is a good name for a Pietist girl – 'Reborn') was Christian Tolkien's daughter and Daniel Gottlieb's and Johann Benjamin's sister.

She was born in June 1756 and she was baptized on 10 June in Petershagen, in the St Salvator church:

Her brothers were then 10 and 4. She lived with her parents and after her brothers left for Amsterdam (1766) and London (1770-1772) she got married with a carpenter apprentice, Johann Carl Bergmann on 13 September 1774 at St Salvator church:

The couple lived at 1110 (19) Schüsseldamm, they had 5 sons and 1 daugher (all of them were baptized in St Salvator church). The oldest of the sons, Daniel Gottlieb Tolkien emigrated to England (I have found his traces in London as Daniel Bergman) and  two younger sons emigrated to Riga.

She died in September 1829 and she is buried with her husband (a carpenter master and ex-artilery soldier) by St Bartholomew church in Gdańsk.
Eleonora Renata died in 1829

Johann Carl Bergmann died in 1813

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