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The beginning of the Tolkiens' house
Ephraim Bergholtz in 1725

I need your help! There are unclear lines in the ground documents connected with the Tolkien family in the eighteenth century in Danzig (Gdańsk), Poland. I have tried to add contrast to the pictures. Also Tomasz Gromadka has tried to uncover these lines thanks to the graphic editor. This is an old ground book of Petershagen (and the rest of Hoehe) known as AP Gd. 300,32/38, p. 480.

What I can see is:

N.L. f. 60
Ephraim Berkholtz ein Erbe auff St. Gertrudis Hospitals Grunde gelegen, durch Kauff überkommen.
Den Juni 1, 1725

I would love to decipher next lines which look very weak in this document. Can you help me?

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