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Daniel Gottlieb and John Benjamin in 1782
Another proof that they were brothers!

Yé, utúvienyes! Sometimes when you are looking for a Tolkien you need to mistype... Typing TOLKEIN on the I have today found an act of Daniel Gottlieb Tolkien's and Ann Austen's wedding! 

Beautiful book from the St Sepulchre church in London
Daniel, Ann and... John Tolkien!
Original signatures of Daniel and John Tolkien (1782)
It was on 7 April 1782 in the St Sepulchre church, Holborn, London. In the same church where John Tolkien got married with Mary née Wall a year earlier (on 22 April 1781). Daniel Gottlieb Tolkien (who evidently wanted to forget about his German second name Gottlieb) got married with Ann Austin. And Daniel's witness is... John Tolkien!

This is a document I needed to have another proof that Daniel Gottlieb Tolkien and John Banjamin Tolkien were brothers! Because if we are sure that Daniel Gottlieb came to England from Gdańsk, so Johann (John) Benjamin – his younger brother – must come from Gdańsk too!

Holy Sepulchre, Holborn, London
And do you remember that Ann Austin was a witness during John Benjamin's wedding?

Note: The ultimate proof that Daniel and John were brothers and that Professor's ancestors came to England from Gdańsk would be two acts of baptism of these two men (or another document where they would be called brothers). I hope that I will find such a document soon. At the moment I can only tell what I wrote in my text "Why I think that J. B. Tolkien was born in Gdańsk". And I can add few other notes:

1. Daniel's and John's children and grandchildren never intermarried! If Daniel and John were only friends, what stopped their siblings to get married with each other?
Daniel had sons: Daniel, Charles, John and James.
John had daughters: Anna and Elisabeth

Daniel had daughters: Elisabeth, Martha, Charlotte, Ann and Marie
John had sons: Benjamin, George and John Benjamin.

No marriage between them and between their children. Strange between two friends. Easy to explain if they were brothers. 

2. Look at the rule of names in their families. The oldest sons have the same names as their fathers: Daniel has Daniel (1784-1815) and John Benjamin has Benjamin (1782-1787) and John Benjamin (1788-1859). And Daniel's third son has the same name as John – John (1795-1820). It looks like a close family – like the brothers' relation. 

By the way John seems to be a very important name in the family of J.R.R. Tolkien! 

3. Daniel got Act of Naturalization in 1794. Why John didn't do the same? If they were brothers it is easy to explain: the Act is a big cost and only the older brother paid for it. As an older brother he took under his patronage one of John's sons, George, who was the apprentice to Daniel, the furrier. 

4. Daniel and John attend to the same churches, even after becoming closer to John Wesley, the founder of Methodism. Their common churches are: German Lutheran Chapel, Savoy (where both baptize their children), Holy Sepulchre, Holborn (where both have their weddings), Wesleyan Chapel, City Road (where both are buried). It looks like the brothers' relation!

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