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Anecdotes and reports from London in Danziger Zeitung (1808-1819)

In June 1808 the Danziger Zeitung published two advertisements of Christian Tolkien's Antiquary at 11 Tegnetergaße (see here). In August 1808 the same newspaper started a cycle of the English anecdotes and reports from London. It is one of them (from 25 August 1808):
"Englische Anecdote", 25 August 1808
And another one (from 19 April 1819):

This last text is very interesting because it describes London as it was seen by a person from Gdańsk. Unfortunately I cannot find the continuation of this story. Of course I can imagine Mr Christian Tolkien (who lived very close to the Editors of the Danziger Zeitung; from Klein Schirrmachergaße to Holzmarkt is about 100 m) visiting London in 1819 to see his brother John Benjamin Tolkien (a bankrupt "china and glass-seller from St Paul's church-yard, London") who died in the same year (see the life of John Benjamin Tolkien). Christian might have wanted to check the matters of Daniel's last will. This is of course my imagination...

Henry Tolkien, George Tolkien's son, Gdańsk-born John B. Tolkien's grandson
By the way I want to recommend a very interesting blog London Street Views with careful comments on the London Street Views that John Tallis produced from 1838-1847. They have an article about Henry Tolkien (1814-1885), music publisher, and about his shop at 28 King William Street in London. Henry Tolkien was of course the grandson of John Benjamin Tolkien (born in Gdańsk in 1753) and a great-grandson of Christian and Euphrosina from Gdańsk. 

Blog's author writes: "And yes, in case you were wondering, Henry and J.R.R. are related. J.R.R. was the grandson of John Benjamin Tolkien who was Henry’s elder brother (see more on the Tolkien family in general here and on John Benjamin in particular here.) " 

And maybe one of our German readers would like to translate the German texts for us? I would love to publish such a translation!

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