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Coat-of-arms of the Tolk/Tolkien family in 16th c.

This is Hans Henneberger's Stemmata familiarum Prussiae, fol. 14. Hans (Johann) Henneberger was the Hofmaler or court artist of the Prussian princes in the 16th c. His family trees containing the members of the early branch of the Tolk/Tolkien noble family in Lower Prussia called here Mercklichrad (fol. 14, 17, 18, 21, 32, 57 and 81) present the earliest full colour form of the coat-of-arms of the Tolk/Tolkien family which is known to me at the moment. Full document can be found here.

Eberhardt Tolk v. Markelingerode, son of Berthold, grandson of Hans,
great-grandson of the first Tolk, Matthias

Let us see this coat-of-arms in detail (and let us compare it with the 19th c. edition of the herbarium of Siebmacher):

What is the blazon of the Mercklichrad (or Markelingerode or Merchlichenrade) coat-of-arms? According to Paprocki's Armorial and other blazons:

Two white vertical and standing opposite jaws of a pike on a red background.
Helmet with two red wings of a vupture and with the charges

Others propose two facing saws blades in place of the jaws but this description is secondary and later.

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  1. Herb do pewnego stopnia przypomina Luziański - stosowany na Pomorzu Gdańskim i mający kilka (znanych) wariantów. Może to jeden z nich?

    1. Tak, ten herb ma w polskich herbarzach nazwę Luziański, bo nosił go m.in. bp Fabian Luzjański, który był członkiem rodu Markelingerode. Był bliskim krewnym Tolkienów związanych z Tołkinami w XVI w.