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Bible of Mary Tolkien (1746–1837)

The Tolkien family (M. Tolkien) is in the possession of the Bible from the eighteenth century which belonged to Mary Tolkien, née Wall (J. R. R. Tolkien's great-great-grandmother, wife of Danzig-born Johann Benjamin Tolkien, 1752–1819). Mary made the records of the births and baptisms of her sons in her Bible: Benjamin Tolkien (born 28 January 1782, baptized 17 February [?] 1782), George Tolkien (born 20 October 1784, baptized 7 November 1784; JRRT's great-grandfather) and John Benjamin Tolkien (born 2 January 1788, baptized 27 January 1788). Benjamin died in 1787, George in 1840 and John Benjamin in 1859.

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It would be wonderful to be able to see the rest of the Bible of Mary Wall!

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