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Aunt Grace and the mystery of Tolkiens' second names
Foto: Aunt Grace* (1861–1947) or Grace Bindley Mountain née Tolkien (foto from 1914), sister of Arthur Reuel Tolkien. And her husband, William Charles Mountain (1862–1928).

Another mystery of the Tolkien family: why John Benjamin Tolkien's children have second names: Reuel, Bindley, Winslow, Hammond? (only children from the third marriage of John Benjamin Tolkien have such second names). My answer? They are family names of the Congregationalist ministers like Rev. R. Bindley and Rev. John Hammond (who was probably the minister of the Tolkiens from Handsworth). I will find also this Winslow (maybe Rev. Miron Winslow?) and REUEL!

* Aunt Grace has the appearance similar to Miss Priscilla Tolkien, Mr Simon Tolkien etc. I see here strong Tolkien genes. I imagine that this is the appearance of the Tolkiens from Prussia.

I know that a photo of John Benjamin Tolkien (1807–1896) probably exists. I hope the Tolkien Estate will let to make it public.

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