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English Tolkiens in the 16th century?

Source: Prerogative Court of Canterbury: Wills of Selected Famous Persons. Digitized images. Records of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Series PROB 1. The National Archives, Kew, England.

I have already proved that J.R.R. Tolkien's family came to England from Gdańsk, Poland before 1777. But the people with the Tolkien-like family names can be found in England even earlier!

Canterbury is the town where I have found some Tolkin/Tolkyn family members in the 15th and 16th centuries! Is it possible that the Tolkiens from Prussia immigrated to England more than one time? Yes, why not? And maybe these Tolkins are of different origin (English, French, Dutch)? This is also possible. There is new matter to study in my #TolkienAncestry research. 

Would you like to be a detective and could you transcribe this 16th century document for my blog? Your transcription will be published with credits.

This is the last will of a William [?] Tolkyn from 1518, from the Canterbury court. It can be found at Ancestry.co.uk (link):

In the name of God amen. The ffifteenth of November in the
yere of oure Lord one thousand five hundred and eighteene I William Tolkine Saylor in the
Inne [?] beyng in perfect memory thoughe yf hath pleased God so [?] my bodye with
disabilitie and weakned do make this my last will and testament in manner and forme
following: ffirst I give and begneathe my soule to almighty God resting my only [...]

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