środa, 21 czerwca 2017

Merklichenrade < Merkelingerode < *Markulfingerode

The Prussian noble family Tolk von Merklichenrade (its branch in the 16th century became the Tolkien family) brought its family name from Harz in Germany (Saxony). It can be derived from the place name Markelingerode (its Low Saxon form is Merklingerode). And the place-name's origin is *Markulfingerode 'Markulf's Clearing; pol. Karczunek Markulfa'. In Latin it was rendered as Novale Marculphi

It is a typical name for Harz. See Gerurode (from name Gero), Wernigerode (from Werning), Wernerode (Werner), Herzgerode (Herzecho) etc.

View to the Brocken - the highest mountain in the Harz (Photo: Mirko Lehmann)
The name Harz derives from the Middle High German word Hardt or Hart ('hill forest'), Latinized as Hercynia. And Hercynia Silva is... Mirkwood!

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