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Daniel Gottlieb Tolkien's
Act of Naturalization (1794)
(A transcript)

Source: The National Archives (Kew), Private Act, 34 George III,
c.17-ref. HL/PO/PB/1/1794/34G3n49 date:1794
(found by Jerry Aurand; photo by J. Aurand)

[Page 1]

1794 Feb. 14

An Act for Naturalizing

Daniel Tolkien

14 February 1794
Presented by the L. Bishop of S. David's
(puronant to a Bider of Leave)
and read the first time

20 February 1794
Read the second time and
commited for Monday nopt. [?]

25 Febry 1794
Comittee Revived and 
bid. to meet to Morrow

26 February 1794
Reported from the Comittee
with Amendm. and bidered [?]
to be Ingrofs'd [?]

[Page 2]

1794 Feb. 14

Petition of 

Daniel Tolkien for a
Naturalization Bill

14. February 1794

Presented and Read and
Leave given as desired

[Page 3]

To the Right Honourable the Lords
Spiritual and Temporal in Parliament

The humble Petition of Daniel Tolkien of
Bedford Street in the Parish of Saint Paul –
Covent Garden in the County of Middlessex –
– Furrier

[and stamp of House of Lords]

That your Petitioner was born out of your Majesty's
Allegiance but hath constantly professed the true –
Protestant Religion and given Testimony of his –
Loyalty and Fidelity to His Majesty and the good of –
this Kingdom

Your Petitioner therefore humbly pray
Your Lordship's that leave be given –
to bring in a Bill of his Naturalization.

And your Petitioner will ever Pray[..?]

Daniel Tolkien 
[seems to be Daniel Tolkien's own signature]


[Page 4 and 5]

excellent Majesty,the Lords Spiritual and 
Temporal and Commons in this present
Parliament Assembled, Daniel Tolkien, son 
of Christian Tolkien by Euphrisina his Wife 
born at Dantzig out of your Majesty's 
Allegiance, having constantly professed 
the true Protestant Religion and given 
Testimony of his Loyalty and Fidelity
to his Majesty and the good of this 
Kingdom that it may be Enacted AND 
be it ENACTED by the King's most Excellent 
Majesty by and with the Advice and 
Consent of the Lords Spiritual and 
Temporal and Commons in this present
Parliament Assembled and by the 
authority of the same that he the said
Daniel Tolkien shall be and is hereby 
from thereforth Naturalized and shall be 
adjudged and taken to all Intents and 
Purposts to be Naturalized and as a
free born Subject of this Kingdom of
Great Britain and he is and shall be 
from thereforth adjudged, reputed and
taken to be in every Condition Respect
and Degree free to all [...] Purposts.

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