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Tolkyn's seal from the 15th century found!

Yesterday evening I have found something absolutely wonderful! This is the seal of the Tolkyn/Tolkien noble family from the fifteenth century Prussia! I have already written a lot about the coat-of-arms of the noble ancestors of J. R. R. Tolkien (see here, here and here). Now you can see how it looked on the seal attached to the documents (the drawings and text come from Mitteilungen des Coppernicus-Vereins für Wissenschaft und Kunst zu Thorn. H. 10, Engel Bernhard, "Die mittelalterlichen Siegel des Thorner Rathsarchivs, mit besonderer Berücksichtigung des Ordenslandes. Tl. 2: Privatsiegel", Kommissions-Verlag von E. Lambeck, Thorn 1895; see here).

This seal is attatched to this document by Peter Tolkyn, a brave anti-Teutonic Order Prussian knight:

As you remember, Nicholaus Copernicus collegue, Bishop Fabian von Lossainen (Luzjański) was also a member of the same noble family (read here) with the same coat-of-arms. And we find his seal in the same book too:

The sign of the Prussian Tolkiens (and also their ancestors, the Markelingerode family) are pike jawbones. By accident the kantele instrument of Väinämöinen from so beloved by Tolkien Kalevala was also made of pike jawbones ("Väinämöinen also slays a great pike and makes a magical kantele from its jawbones")!

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