piątek, 27 kwietnia 2018

I have found no Baptist in the Tolkien family!

Carpenter in J. R. R. Tolkien's "Biography" wrote:
"Instead Mabel would have to face hostility from Walter and from other members of her family, not to mention the Tolkiens, many of whom were Baptist and strongly opposed to Catholicism. The strain that this induced, coupled with the additional financial hardship, did no good to her health; but nothing would shake her loyalty to her new faith, and against all opposition she began to instruct Ronald and Hilary in the Catholic religion."
I would change Baptist to Freemason. I have found no one Baptist in the Tolkien family. In this family I have found only Pietist Lutherans, Moravians, Anglicans (Broad Church), Wesleyan Methodists and Calvinistic Methodists!

R. C. Church of the Birmingham Oratory (my photo, 2017)
Looking from the Roman Catholic perspective I can say that Mabel Tolkien saved her sons from non-religious and masonic influences. She paid the price of her life but thanks to her her sons came under blessing influence of the Birmingham Oratory. Thanks God!

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