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Tolkiens in the 17th century
Schulz zu Glabunen

Do you remember Reinhold Tolkien, a tanner from Lübeck in 1699? If not, see here.

In 1699 in Lübeck a child of Reinhold (Ronald) Tolkien was born
(Mormon archives)
It is possible I have found the act of birth of this man  He probably came from Kreuzburg and was born in 1661 as a son of Michael Tolkien (born c. 1640), a schultz or schultheiß of the village Glabunen (before 1945 it was German Globuhnen west of Kreuzburg, East Prussia).

Tolkien from Kreuzburg 1661 (Mormon archives)
See the + as Michael's (?) signature
Other children of this Michael Tolkien were Anna (b. 1667), Christian (1675) and Christoph (1680)! If so, the Old Tolkien was J.R.R. Tolkien's great-great-great-great-great-grandfather!

Michael Tolkien
→ Christian Tolkien
→ Christian Tolkien
→ Johann (John) Benjamin Tolkien
→ George Tolkien
→ John Benjamin Tolkien
→ Arthur R. Tolkien
→ J.R.R. Tolkien

In 1702 another schultz of Globuhnen was Friedrich Tolkien. As we can see this duty was hereditary as according to the Kulm law (it is quite possible that Globuhnen was one of the villages founded by the Tolk/Tolkien family).

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