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Tolkiens' Saint John Street, London (18th–19th c.)

What important we could see at St. John Street in the Tolkiens' times? According to Lockie's Topography of London (see here):

Golden Lion Inn, behind 111 St. John St, on the east side
Gun Court, at 161 St. John St
Hat and Mitre Court, at 150 St. John St
Jerusalem Court, six doors north of Albemarle St
St John's Lane, at 68 St. John St
Mitre Court, at 143 St. John St
Pardon Court and Parton Passage, a few yards on the right of 163 St. John St
Red Lion Court, at 160 St. John St
Rose and Crown Yard, at 126 St. John St
Sander's Court, at the north end of St. John St

Few photos from my visit to Saint John Street, London (7 March, 2018):

My plan was to visit St. John Street in Clerkenwell, London and to find the house No. 145
Houses from the 18th c. were two-storey buildings

St John Street seemed very nice to my eyes

Maybe this house remembers the times of the Tolkiens?

After I bought Horwood's maps of London (1813) I realized that today's numeration
is different from that of the Tolkiens' times

My two important boughts

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