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London Brothers and their coins

I would like to share my little coin collection with you. My coins come from the places and from the times of the London Brothers born in Petershagen, Danzig (Gdańsk) – Daniel Gottlieb Tolkien (1746–1813) and John Benjamin Tolkien (1752–1719).

The small one is Danzig shilling from the times of the king Stanislaus August Poniatowski (1765). The silver one is English shilling of George III (1817) and the last one is very interesting for every Tolkien-fan because it is a farthing of George III (1773) – a farthing is also an unit of The Shire division. In his Nomenclature of 'The Lord of the Rings' J. R. R. Tolkien wrote:
 (...) the second element in Eastfarthing, Northfarthing, Southfarthing, Westfarthing is the same word as E. farthing (OE feorðing, ME ferthing), quarter of a penny (...)
 Other coins from Gdańsk (Danzig) of the Tolkiens can be seen here (No. 190, 191, 192):

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